About Me

Hey, I'm Lizzy(or Izzy or Izzerdoodle), and I've been crafting for years! Jewelry, craft painting, miniature painting, drawing, sewing, card making, crocheting, you name it I've probably tried it! I'm also into gaming, mostly roleplaying games like Dungeons and Dragons, so some of my crafting is focused on that as well, especially costumes and dice jewelry and bags! I write too, but not as much as I should. Hopefully this blog will help encourage that habit.

My biggest craft passions are sewing (especially costumes) and jewelry making, so expect to see a lot of both on the blog, but I do have fun painting as well.

I am California born and raised, but after high school I followed love to Wisconsin, then Michigan, now I live in Virginia with my hard working husband and our daughter.

Check out my etsy shop: Lizzy's Fancies on Etsy!
And my facebook page: Lizzy's Fancies

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