Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dice and Dungeons & Dragons

 Welcome to day 4 of the A to Z Blogging Challenge! This entry is brought to you by the letter D, for Dice and Dungeons and Dragons.

Dice are great, I love dice! And they come in so many different colors and types. As I have said before, I am a gamer, as is my husband, and our daughter dreams of being one also. I don't play video games (except the occasional Peggle, and My Little Pony on my kindle) but I love watching my husband play games with good stories. What I do play are role playing games, and most of those use dice for determining different actions and events in the games.

Since Dungeons and Dragons also starts with D, how about a twofer today? D&D is one of the most widely known role playing games, don't judge it by the headlines though. It's one we play the most, because there are so many different settings within the same game system, giving dungeon masters and players a lot of different flavors to try of the same system - like flavors of cake, they're all cake, but a lot of different varieties and flavors to choose from.
I happen to have a lot of dice. These are the pretties that sit by my laptop. But that's not all.
These organized machines of probability grace our table every Friday night during our weekly Dungeons and Dragons game. There are your common six sided dice, along with twenty sided, ten sided, twelve sided, eight sided, four sided, and even pairs to make one hundred sided results! Our family has been collecting dice for a while, just like I have been collecting beads for a while! My daughter even has her own dice collection, and my husband, our dungeon master and story teller, has his personal set also.

A selection of six sided dice is presented above, with standard pips (the dots) and also ones with engraved numbers. Aren't all the colors pretty? Many games are centered around these dice alone, in other systems they use them along with other dice. Dungeons and Dragons uses these for ability score rolls and some damage rolls, like short swords, and in multiples, for spells like fireball.

For other polyhedrals, I would like to share the following:

 Four sided dice, a pain to roll because they don't roll, they just drop. Also the most dangerous when dropped on the floor and stepped on! We gamers sometimes call them caltrops, small sharp weapons thrown on the floor to prick feet and trip enemies. In D&D, these are commonly used for dagger damage rolls, and small spells.

 Eight siders, better to roll than four sided, fun to stack in dice towers. Dice are like more complicated bricks sometimes, it's fun to stack them in walls and towers between actions in game. Dungeons and Dragons uses eight sided dice for different weapon damage rolls, especially long swords.

 These are called percentile dice, you roll a matched pair, one looks like a normal ten sided die, the other has the tens place. Rolled together, you get the ten place and the single place, making up a whole two digit number. You can use this set for getting a random number between 1 and 100, sometimes used to get a percentage, sometimes just whole numbers. A pair of ten sided dice of different colors can also be used, if you declare before the roll which is high and which is low. This set of dice is rarely used by players in Dungeons and Dragons, but dungeon masters might use them to determine random encounters, or whether your almost dieing character stabilizes or slides closer to death.
Here we have ten sided dice, also another type of dice some role playing games use exclusively (like Exalted, which the character for my Scarlet Empress costume is from). For Dungeons and Dragons, these are used for weapon damage rolls most commonly.

 Twelve sided dice are fun - you have a powerful weapon if your damage uses this die! There isn't much more to say about this die, other than they roll like a ball almost as good as twenty sided dice.
And here are the most commonly used dice in Dungeons and Dragons - it is a D20 system. Twenty sided dice are rolled to determine the outcome of many actions: attacks, spells,  skills. They also spin pretty nicely!

Dice can also make great jewelry and accessories! These items and more available in my etsy shop, Lizzy's Fancies

These are made with beads in the shape of dice, but soon I will be making jewelry with real dice!

Dice aren't only for math geeks, they're also for gamer geeks! I hope you enjoyed this entry in my A to Z Blogging Challenge, join me again tomorrow for the letter E! It won't be as photo-heavy as the other posts this week.


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    1. Thank you for your support, dear.

  2. Wow you really do have a lot of dice, I knew you did but its different knowing it and then seeing them. You're such a geek :) I still need to figure out my D post.

    1. And I didn't take any pictures of my husband's or my daughter's! These are mostly my dice in photos, though the ones in the chalice and glasses are the 'table dice' that have overflowed from my desk collection... And yes I am a geek =) Proud of it!