Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Neat Nails

 Thank you for joining me yet again for the A to Z Blogging Challenge! Today's post is for the letter N, for Neat Nails!
 There is a lot of paint in my home. A LOT. Acrylic paint, glitter paint, miniature paint, oh and paint for nails - nail polish! You might say I collect it. Some of these paints I've had longer than I've known my husband, and most of them still work well.
 I love painting my nails, it's a special bit of me time that I can then show off for a few days (no matter what I try, nail polish usually chips in 2-3 days!) Glitter is a lot of fun, above are some of my newer glitters - purple and green!
 Nail art is a lot of fun! These were both summer nail designs. The yellow suns I made with a small paint brush in yellow nail polish, the black happy faces I used a nail art pen for.
 These flowers were inspired by A Mom In Red High Heels' nail art post, I couldn't help myself!

 I wasn't super happy with my first flowers, so I decided to try it again, to match one of my favorite shirts.
  Can you tell I like green? This was a work of many layers - green, glow in the dark green, black crackle, then silver glitter on top. They glowed between the cracks, it was pretty neat! An idea for Halloween. But I couldn't get a good photo of them glowing.
  Something new came out in the last two years - magnetic nail polish! It's very time consuming, because you can only paint one nail at a time. Paint, place magnet over, wait for design to appear, check, repeat 9 times! But it looks really neat, and is fun to mix colors side by side in.

You can get different magnets too, currently I think I have seven or more colors, and five different magnet designs.

 The idea below I got from an exclusively nail art blog, the idea is Lisa Frank, with a rainbow of colors under black crackle. I wasn't very happy with how mine looked, it was more 80s fashion than I'm a fan of. Lighter colors might have worked better, or different color combinations (most of the nails had three colors)
 I had more fun with glitter above, for the Fourth of July week.

You might notice some of these pictures are better than others - I used to photograph a nail design right away, now I wait till the next day after I've cleaned off the smudges around my fingers. But I can't go back and fix the old photos without re-creating those designs, and there's always something new to try! =)

Below is some more fun nail art! I have a black, a white, and a pink nail art pen, but the black is bleeding a lot and the white is almost dry... I wonder why!
Stars and stripes - always a classic!
 I'd like to try stenciling or stamping, but haven't gotten into it yet. I did try some uv-free gel nail polish and that did NOT end well. So back to traditional polish for now - not like I have a lack of options! I wonder how I'll paint my nails next? Maybe with letters for the A to Z Challenge!

My daughter already loves nail polish too - and she wants the same flowers I put on mine, and always glitter on top!
 Do you have a favorite nail polish or design, or technique? Share in the comments!
I hope you enjoyed another insight into my fun creations and collections! Join me again tomorrow for something that starts with O!


  1. Gosh I wish I had your talent for painting nails. I really suck at this!

    1. Start with something simple like stripes! The stamps and stencils are supposed to make it easier, I just tend to do things on my own =) And magnetic nail polish is great! You just have to paint the polish on, then hold the magnet over it, and voila! Design on your nail!

    2. I'm curious about the magnetic ones. Maybe I'll give it a try sometime. :)