Saturday, April 13, 2013

Lizzy's Fancies

Wow, can you believe it's been two weeks of the A to Z Blogging Challenge? This is my twelfth post of the month! Thanks for joining me again, we're almost halfway through the alphabet.

Today's post is for the letter L, and I'm breaking my little tradition by not making the title words match, to feature my little business, Lizzy's Fancies.

This is the banner for my etsy shop, Lizzy's Fancies. (Check that out, and my facebook page for the shop and this blog too!) I have been selling on etsy since July 2011, but I changed my shop name a little along the way. At first I wanted matching letters, the whole alliteration/assonance lure, and went with Izzerdoodle's Inspirations, but that didn't feel quite right. Naming a business is really difficult! that first name was too much of a mouthful, and while I use the name izzerdoodle for a few online accounts, it didn't seem like a good business name.

When I really wanted to change, I decided to go with Lizzy something, because I go by Liz and Lizzy more often than Elizabeth, and while a little more informal, it's still a recognized name. I still couldn't come up with something good though, and defaulted to Lizzy's Accessories for a while. That felt to bland though, and I was never happy with it. Searching online, Lizzy's Lovelies and variations of that name were already in use in a few places, and I didn't want to get confused with someone else's business.

Finally, I was sitting in the car while my husband was getting ice cream at Coldstone Creamery that I got the idea of Lizzy's Fancies, and the tag line "What do you fancy today?" And it felt right. It only took over two years to come up with a name I was happy with! And no one else was using the name online, it was available on etsy and on facebook. 

The downside to facebook, though, was that I had too many fans on my Lizzy's Accessories page to change its name, so I had to make a new page for the new name, and, well, not a lot of people followed over. Facebook fan pages are annoying that way - facebook chooses what people see in their newsfeed and if you like a page for a giveaway, but never interact with it again, you don't see the updates. So most of the fans I had gained through a few giveaways didn't see my page anymore, to know to go to the new page. I had discovered how poorly giveaways seem to help, so I decided against doing any for a while, I still haven't had one since making the name change over a year ago.
One of the items I gave away in a local mom website promotion

I have gotten some fans, though interaction from more than just my family and a few friends would be nice, but you get what you can! I mostly sell jewelry and some accessories - dice bags are a great seller, in my shop, and I also have some girls skirts up for sale, with my daughter modeling them. Chainmaille is one of my favorite things right now...
Two-Tone Metallic Chainmail Bracelets For Sale!

When I finally decided to start a blog, choosing the name was pretty easy! Just the same as my shop, but singular, for what I fancy, instead of the fancies I make! But you know I fancy the fancies I make, so it all works together pretty well. Maybe now that I have a blog, I'll try another giveaway. We'll see, depends on how burned out I am after the A to Z challenge and a birthday party!
Just for fun, here's a Lego Lizzy that I made while trying to think about what to write today! Please join me again on Monday next week for something that starts with M, and take a look at some of the other blogs participating in the challenge:
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  1. It is indeed difficult to come up with a business name! It was fun to read about how you finally came up with yours, which is a cute name, by the way! Glad you thought of it! :D