Monday, April 15, 2013

Magnificent Miniatures - A to Z Blogging Challenge Week Three!

 It's time for week three of the A to Z Blogging Challenge! Today's post is for the letter M, and after this we're halfway through the alphabet, and the month! I'm featuring Magnificent Miniatures today, little figurines we assemble and paint for gaming!
I really love miniatures, they've become almost my new Barbies since I started gaming. They come in all different styles, and you can make modifications to them, and paint them however you want! Usually, my miniatures are for individual characters in our roleplaying games. Sometimes, though, they're just for fun! (They can also make great dice bag props!) I love collecting miniatures and painting them, my husband loves them too, as you can see from the following photos!

These five (and wolf) are for our current roleplaying game, the two on black bases aren't mine, they belong to two of our players, but the rest I already had before the game. And look one is already painted! Our games are often like this, mostly unpainted, because it takes me a while to actually paint miniatures, with all the other stuff going on. The painted armored guy in the middle has brass balls too, I added those since we started playing, since he got them during a game. Beads and miniatures, yay!

These are some of my favorite female miniatures, not all characters, but most of them were at one point. You can see the strawberry blonde wizardess on the bottom is not fully painted, I have a lot like that!

Star Wars has a roleplaying game too! The miniature on the far left was my pilot, nothing fancy done to her (other than painting striped pants!), and the droid on the far right is a licensed pre-painted miniature. But the two in the middle with lightsabers we modified, the lightsabers are from Clone Wars toys, removed and cut to size, then glued to the hilt of the weapons that were on the miniatures originally. I painted all of the humans here too!

My husband's miniatures, on the other hand, are for table top war games, specifically Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000.
This scary spider is part of the goblin army, he won this in a raffle at a special tournament, assembled and painted by one of the best at the store.
This is a manticore, for his beastmen army, and I'm in the process of painting him. Rawr, I'm a monster!
 Here's another of his beasties I've been painting, he's pretty much finished.
These guys are also for his beastmen army, two special customizations I helped him make - the green parts are called 'green stuff', it's a molding compound you make to put different things together where glue won't work, or add to a miniature - or make it from scratch if you're ambitious! The scary guy on the left is a Ghorgon, I added extra horns to him, changed out the weapons on his right arms - oh and added in an extra right arm! The one-eyed monster on the right is a Cyghor, like a cyclops but more monstrous. I made his eye, gave him extra horns, and molded that rock he's holding. My husband painted these guys.

This was our painting station at our last home, until I needed it more for my sewing machine - now we use a paint tray on tray tables - traylicious! Most of those paints you see are Citadel Paints, from Games Workshop. The paint is perfect for miniatures.
Here are some favorites - the two big miniatures are creations of my husband's, painted by a master from Milwaukee. The girl on the hill is one of mine, painted by me.
Here on the top you can see another miniature with customization: special sword, fan I made with brass! I don't know where she is in the cases or I'd take a better picture, maybe in another post. On the bottom, there are two girls I painted, and one silly miniature we got from a friend of ours.

These girls are some of my favorites. All painted by me! And all former characters, the angel was a winged elf, the catgirl was a half cheetah, the girl with the red cloak was a half dragon - red of course!
And here, we present my husband's grand army collection! There are five armies here, I think. Chaos warriors, chaos daemons, beastmen, dark eldar, space wolves, high elves, and some deathwatch. Okay, seven armies! As you can see, he has a lot of painting to do! This was when he was taking inventory last fall. He hasn't gotten too many new models since. No, we don't have a problem, we have a hobby =)

Thank you for joining me again for the A to Z Blogging Challenge, come back tomorrow for something that starts with N!


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