Thursday, April 11, 2013

Jingle Jumble

Today's post in the A to Z Blogging Challenge is brought to you by the letter J, for... a lot of things!

J is for Jingle Bells, in metallics or colors
 Pretty little baubles that make a fun noise - they're even great on jewelry!
 J is for Jelly Beans, that can make pretty pictures
 They're also great to put in a cup for cake pops!

J is also for John Carter, my current literary obsession!
The first novel in the series is A Princess of Mars, and it's very good! I'm on book three now, all for free online (I'm reading the free kindle versions, but you can read them on any computer or mobile device, or buy the books in a store). The stories are great, you can't help but love John Carter, the loyal fighting Virginian transported to Mars. There was a movie last year based on parts of the first and second books, and while the movie was pretty good, the books are so much better (and there's a shirt on ThinkGeek to prove it) and well worth reading. It's somewhat historical science fiction in more ways than one - the first book was written one hundred years ago, and set after our Civil War, so John Carter is from about one hundred and fifty years ago - yet he travels to highly advanced Mars, which makes the book more science fiction. But the premise and story are still interesting today, so many years later.

Thank you for joining me once again for the A to Z Blogging Challenge, come back tomorrow for something starting with K!


  1. I love jelly beans! Except the Harry Potter every flavor beans ones with the yucky flavors. Yes, they're real! See here

    I loved the John Carter movie! I should read the books one of these days!

    From the A-Z neighborhood,

    1. I have seen the Harry Potter jelly beans, but never tasted them - not really a fan of the books so I'm not into all the merchandise ;)

      I almost forgot though, I toured a Jelly Belly factory in high school and it was amazing! The one in Northern California has a few big jelly bean-murals, including one of the American flag - did you know they made their blueberry flavor for Ronald Reagan's campaign? Or after his election, something like that. And their jelly beans are totally the BEST, but I don't get them often.

      Totally try to find time to read the John Carter/Barsoom novels, they're great!

    2. I think I've tried Jelly Belly beans, but can't be too sure. Didn't know about the Ronald Reagan trivia. Interesting!

  2. The jingle bells are really so pretty
    And John carter movie I didn't like much but books seem good :)
    Good luck