Friday, April 19, 2013

Pretty Paintings

Oh no, I'm late! Thursday was very busy and I didn't get my blog post up! So two for today. First, for April 18th, the letter P for Pretty Paintings.

 You already know from my Alicorn Art post that I paint a little for my daughter's room, and other rooms in our house. Mostly small stuff - the canvas above is about five by seven inches. It's not on my daughter's wall yet, but it's the companion to her Alicorn shield.

This is where the whole gray and purple theme came from for her room, I started out with the coat rack and shelf, then added little by little.

This is how it looks on her wall now, more or less altogether - the flower coat rack is on her closet door for sweaters. And now with the new headband rack I made up, it's a little different again.

But I don't paint just for her room. Below are some other things I've painted.
 This is a tray I'm still in the middle of painting, someday I'll finish! I made the stencil back in high school for a series of trays I painted as gifts, it's cut from a bacon tray (very well washed).
 These were grandmother gifts, at different times considering one is a newborn photo and the other is a six month old photo. Wonder if they've updated the photos, almost four years later!
 Some woodstaining above, with some gold and other detailing - lots of fun! These are all finished, the chest was a gift.
This is MY headband rack in my room, I don't have as many as my daughter. I painted it to match my quilt.

Except the canvas and the bear, these were all unfinished wood items from the craft store, painted with mostly acrylic paints, brushes and sponges and stenciling. Lots of fun and adds a little personal touch to your home or a gift!

I hope you enjoyed this feature in the A to Z Blogging Challenge even though it was late! In other posts I might go into more detail on some of these projects. Join me again soon for the letter Q!


  1. Very cool! You did an amazing job on those =)

    1. Thanks! I've been decorative painting for a long time, my next big project might be a big canvas for our living room. We'll see how that goes... ;)